AI-Driven Video Magic: Clip Generation and Creative Cropping Unleashed

Lam Chow
Lam Chow Originally published Nov 17, 23, updated Nov 17, 23

Visual storytelling reigns supreme today. Look anywhere, and you will see clips & videos bombarding you with information. Now that AI is changing everything, the art of crafting catchy video clips with AI holds immense significance. This article introduces you to a fantastic AI Clip generator, a game-changing solution all set to redefine the landscape of video creation. This tool can effortlessly and expeditiously transform longer videos into captivating snippets. So, join us as we delve into the capabilities of this tool, unveiling how it simplifies the clip generation process and discover the innovative strides it takes towards transforming visual storytelling. Read on!

In this article
  1. The Power of AI in Video Clip Generation
  2. Practical Steps for AI-Enhanced Auto Video Clipping with KwiCut
  3. FAQs About AI Auto Video Clipping With KwiCut

Part 1. The Power of AI in Video Clip Generation

How Are AI Technologies Used To Automatically Generate Video Clips?

AI plays a pivotal role in automating various aspects of video production by integrating advanced algorithms, NLP and machine learning. With AI, we can automate scriptwriting, storyboarding, scene composition, video shoots, editing and other post-production tasks.

The process begins by feeding the algorithm with a particular input or a script, and the AI takes over from there. It can analyze the text to generate storyboards, create camera angles, select lighting specifications, add visual effects, and dub voice-overs or music. Some AI tools use scene recognition technologies to analyze the visual components of video content and highlight key moments. This involves identifying distinct scenes based on color schemes, visual patterns, and other elements, laying the groundwork for subsequent data processing. In some cases, artificial intelligence clips similar patterns together to generate short video snippets.

Applications Of AI-Generated Clips In Content Creation And Marketing

1. Dynamic Social Media Campaigns

AI-assisted clip generation can help create create dynamic and attention-grabbing content for social media platforms. Marketers can enhance user engagement and drive campaign success by tailoring clips to specific trends and audiences.

2. Immersive Storytelling Across Platforms

Content creators can leverage AI-generated clips to enhance storytelling across various platforms. Whether they want to craft narratives for websites, mobile apps or other digital channels, the adaptability of AI can ensure a consistent and immersive storytelling experience.

3. Interactive Website Content

Businesses can benefit from AI-Generated clips by creating interactive and engaging content for their website. From product demonstrations to customer testimonials, artificial intelligence clip art and other informative snippets, AI-driven clips can enhance the overall customer experience, encouraging a low bounce rate. 

4. Brand Narrative on Digital Platforms

Brands can use AI generated short clips to create captivating narratives for digital platforms. Whether through short digital ads, behind the scene slips, or other promotional content, AI can ensure a visually cohesive and compelling brand narrative.

5. Education Content Enhancement

Teachers and students can use AI generated clips to create visually appealing lectures, assignments, and  informative content. They can enhance the learning experience, making educational materials more engaging and accessible to a wider audience.

AI-driven Powerful Video Editing Tool – KwiCut

KwiCut AI video editing tool

KwiCut is a super handy AI video editing tool. It empowers creators and marketers to effortlessly turn their vision into reality. Sporting a user-friendly interface and powerful features, KwiCut redefines video editing by offering innovative capabilities such as AI auto video clipping, text-based video editing, automatic background noise removal and effortless final clip polishing. AI being a major element simplifies all the time-consuming elements of video editing process. With KwiCut, making clips and talking head videos is quick and precise, saving you time and effort. This makes things easier for storytellers today.

Part 2. Practical Steps for AI-Enhanced Auto Video Clipping

Now that you understand the theory behind AI-generated clips, let’s see it in action. In this tutorial, we will use KwiCut’s AI video clip generator to create short video clips.

Step 1. Go to KwiCut online

KwiCut AutoClip AI Clipping Tool 1

Use the following link to access the KwiCut online video editor. And then click on Auto Clip

Step 2. Upload the video you want to clip

KwiCut AutoClip AI Clipping Tool 2

Now click on Upload Video to import your project.

Note: KwiCut only supports videos in English. The lack of speakers, over-sized video, failed video synthesis may lead to upload failure.

Step 3. Let AI clip your video

KwiCut AutoClip AI Clipping Tool 4


Wait a few moments, as AI will automatically scan your video to generate short clips.

Step 4. Edit as per your liking (Optional)

KwiCut AutoClip AI Clipping Tool 5


You can edit, crop length of video, add subtitles, zoom in/out, crop video dimensions, etc, if you want

Step 5. Export or share your clips

KwiCut AutoClip AI Clipping Tool 6

Finally, export your project to get clipped videos or import them back into KwiCut for some more editing

Part 3. FAQs about AI Auto Video Clipping With KwiCut

1. How does AI Clipping work in KwiCut Software?

KwiCut uses AI to analyze longer videos, identifying all the key moments and automatically generating short clips. By employing NLP (Natural Language Processing) with intelligent machine learning, KwiCut identifies high-impact scenes, creating engaging content suitable for social sharing.

2. Can I edit generated AI clips in KwiCut software?

Absolutely, you can easily edit all the clips generated by the AI auto video clipping feature. Once the clips are generated, you can further customize them per your preference. KwiCut supports automatic transcription, voice cloning, and AI Co-pilot to add a personal touch to your content and make it more discoverable.

3. Does Auto Video Clipping support all or specific video formats in KwiCut Software?

Auto Video Clipper in KwiCut is designed to support a wide array of video file types. It accommodates all the standard formats like MOV, MP4, WMV, MKV, and AVI, among others, ensuring flexibility and compatibility.

4. Can I share generated clips directly from the KwiCut software?

Yes, certainly. One of the standout features of KwiCut’s Auto Video Clipping is its one-click social sharing ability. Once your clip is ready, you can easily share it on TikTok with just a single click – no additional steps required. 

5. Can I use KwiCut AutoVideo Clipper on any length of video?

Yes, KwiCut Auto Video Clipper is designed to handle both short and long videos. It doesn’t matter if your video is short or contains an hour of footage; the AI-powered Auto Video Clipping tool can quickly identify all the key moments¸ crop video size, and create engaging short clips that capture the real essence of the original content.


As we conclude, it is evident that AI-powered tools like KwiCut are reshaping how we create content and democratizing the process. The accessibility, ease and efficiency bought by KwiCut’s AI clip maker opens up new avenues for creators and marketers alike. The fusion of innovation and practicality showcased in this article signifies a promising shift in the landscape of content creation brought about by human creativity and technological prowess. So, try KwiCut today and bring your creative vision to life, one short clip at a time.

Lam Chow
Lam Chow Nov 17, 23
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