Tailored Strategy of Short Video Content for Social Media Platforms

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People mostly prefer to watch short videos instead of long ones. Popular social media platforms offer the feature of making short reels of 60 seconds or less. Do you know why people have a great interest in short reels? Short videos are engaging, and you can deliver your message in a summarized form. Audiences are usually attracted to creativity, that's why content creators go for short video content to gather their attention.

Popular social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube allow you to make short videos according to the interest of the public. TikTok is one of the famous platforms for people of every age group. TikTok shorts allow users to create short-form videos to express their creativity and talent and promote products. We will look in-depth at how social media platforms play a vital role in making short-form videos.


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  1. TikTok Shorts: An In-Depth Look
  2. YouTube Shorts: A YouTube Perspective
  3. Instagram Reels Short: Instagram’s Take on Short Videos
  4. Summary: Mastering Short-Form Video Creation
  5. Bonus: Create Techniques for Short Video Success

Part 1. TikTok Shorts: An In-Depth Look

TikTok was officially launched in 2017 and became popular due to its latest features. TikTok offers short-form videos within 30-60 seconds. Users can do lip-sync on multiple music and also add effects and transitions to it. Now, almost billions of people download it and enjoy its features.

TikTok gives tough competition to its competitors because it continuously upgrades its features. Its algorithm observes the user preference and then shows them videos according to their taste. It offers a user-friendly platform so that people of every age group can use it. Users can make slo-mo videos and add lightning effects and voice-overs to the TikTok shorts to make them more attractive.

add effects and filters to your video


After gaining popularity, TikTok now supports local brands to promote it. Many other brands use affiliate marketing so that content creators can sell their products and services. Clothing, skincare, food, automotive, and other brands are now advertising their services on TikTok. Now, people with a good amount of followers can earn by making TikTok shorts.

People are also using TikTok for social awareness as if any disease is spreading over the country. TikTok provides safety precautions to the public. Content creators make short TikTok videos to spread public service messages.

Add relevant hashtags for the TikTok short

If you are a beginner and try to make short TikTok videos, but they do not go viral. We will provide you with a tip on how you become famous and can reach a broad audience. Hashtags play a crucial role in making your shorts trendy and viral. Add relevant hashtags to your shorts to get attention from a massive audience.

Check which sort of videos are trending on the Foryou page of TikTok. You will find every category of TikTok shorts on this page to check the hashtags of other video creators. Some people use the tags such as #viral and #foryoupage to make their videos viral. Keep an eye on the competitor's hashtags and note them for later use.

If you are making a dancing video, then you can also use the tags #TikTokdance, #dancechallenge, and #dancegrouponTikTok.

for you page of the application

Part 2: YouTube Shorts: A YouTube Perspective

When YouTube launches its shorts feature, content creators make visually appealing videos for the audience. It allows to make a video of a maximum of 60 seconds to attract the attention of viewers.

Convey your message in a maximum of 60 seconds in an impactful manner. Make the video concise and attractive so that can be understandable to your target audience. As we all know, the first impression is the last, so ensure to create YouTube shorts according to public interest. Start your video with some attention-grabbing words to maintain the eye of the audience.

create visually compelling videos


To get more followers you have to upload shorts regularly to engage your audience. One of the main things that can assist you in boosting your YouTube shorts to the next level and reaching more audiences is hashtags. Hashtags are a key for delivering your short to the target viewers. Using appropriate hashtags increases visibility and engagement. Create videos in HD formats that can be visible to viewers.

adding hashtags to the videos

Role of Timing in YouTube Shorts Success

Timing is key for engaging the audience and helps to gain more attention from viewers. If you have thousands and millions of followers and post the videos shorts regularly, what will happen when you don’t upload the video for a long time? Upload your videos regularly to maintain visibility instead, it will boost engagement. You can also adjust the uploading time of the video according to your audience’s preference.

Track the peak hours in which your video got more views after that upload your video in that time. The content may be seen during this time. It will help you to reach more likes, comments, and shares on your video. If you receive more views after uploading the shorts, it will directly move to the notice of the broader audience.

Part 3. Instagram Reels Short: Instagram’s Take on Short Videos

Instagram is a free social media platform that allows users to share their pictures and videos with the audience. It enables to creation of shorts from 15-90 seconds to grab the viewer's attention. Create entertaining eye-catching Instagram short videos by adding filters, effects, captions, and transitions.

People can post their shorts in public as well as in their feeds. Most of the brands and influencers are available on Instagram. They create shorts according to their target audience to promote their brands.

make the reel more attractive

You can also add hashtags and music to your shorts that will boost to appearance on various pages. Expand your Instagram community by creating compelling reels for them. Instagram allows you to share your reels, shorts, and pictures with your stories, which will disappear after 24 hours. Instagram short videos are a way to be up-to-date with the latest trends and reach more brands and influencers.

add tags to the reels before posting

Instagram Reels vs. TikTok Shorts

On Instagram, people create aesthetic and promotional reels to attract viewers. It also allows you to share the reels with your friends and followers. TikTok is an application for expressing talent, emotions, and creativity to the public. It is a kind of fun for those who love to spend their leisure time making shorts. Users can create lip-sync videos by adding music to them and also add captions and voice-overs to the shorts.

People can make duet short videos on TikTok in which they can post other’s content and give reviews on it. Instagram does not provide such kind of feature in its short videos. You can check the minds of the audience by adding a voting poll and Q&A session to create Instagram shorts. Content creators on TikTok do not require much effort to make shorts, while People on Instagram require much attention to create visually attractive shorts.

Part 4. Summary: Mastering Short-Form Video Creation

Reels and shorts are a way of art to capture the consideration of the audience and share them with your friends. They are like a short form of content with a bundle of features. Various social media platforms are providing opportunities to create shorts and grab the public's attention. If you are a brand ambassador, then social media is perfect for brand visibility. Create concise and attractive short videos to increase customers.

You can choose the right social media platforms to connect with various audiences. As Instagram launched its reel feature in 2020, users can create a 90-second video with multiple filters and effects. Content creators and influencers are growing in popularity because of short and quick transition videos of their products.

YouTube shorts were also released in 2021, which allows YouTubers to create 60-second videos to increase their followers. Shorts also help to grow the channel and increase your pay rate. YouTube algorithm observes the total views and likes on your shorts, then pays according to it.

What about TikTok? Is it just for fun or entertainment purposes? Now, people can also earn through TikTok by promoting the products of brands. Whether it's Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok shorts, choose wisely according to public interest.

If you follow these tips, you will successfully create a short on any social media platform. Add appropriate hashtags before uploading your shorts. Hashtags boost the discoverability of your content. If someone is searching with your hashtag, your video will automatically appear to them. Keep an eye on the latest trends and check what kind of videos your competitors are making.

 Bonus: Create Techniques for Short Video Success

1. Storytelling in Seconds: Making an Impact

Sometimes, it gets boring when you make lengthy storytelling videos. Viewers lost interest in the middle of the video because of lack of interest. You can summarize the story in a short form that will attract the viewers to your content. Short videos will cover the whole story in a few minutes by adding transitions and effects to them.

2. Visual Effects and Editing Tricks

If you simply create a short video and upload it, it will create a boring impact on people. Nowadays, influencers are making transition videos that look like magic. These videos confuse the viewers about how a person can transform an ordinary video into a masterpiece.

If you are creating a TikTok short video, you can add the zoom-in and out effects, music and captions, and speed up and down the speed of the music. These little changes can transform the overall visibility of your short videos.

3. Using AI-powered Tools

If you want to become a content creator and don't have enough budget to purchase high-quality cameras, then AI tools are available for you. A list of AI tools are available that can transform your video to HD or high-quality. Some of you are also facing the problem of blurred videos or images. But you want a free tool that will help you out. Try the KwiCut AI-powered tool integrated with the latest machine learning algorithms.

KwiCut is available in web and application form. Users with a good internet connection can avail of its benefits within a few minutes. It will improve the quality of shorts with 95% accuracy.

using tools to enhance the video quality

Features of KwiCut:

Audio Enhancement:

KwiCut is a 100% free tool that enables users to enhance the audio of their video in a few minutes. Its latest algorithm transforms poor-quality sound into high-quality. It allows you to remove the specific words from the audio and make it clear. You can also make voice clones in multiple human accents, tones, emotions, and languages.

Auto Transcription:

It uses powerful voice recognition technology that converts audio and video into text in a couple of minutes. If you want to make a script for your video, KwiCut will help you extract the words from various video or audio formats that are further exported into other formats.

Filler Words and Noise Remover:

If your audio and video has weird sound and noises in it, try the KwiCut noise reduction feature. It helps to remove the filler, such as oops, ouch, oh, etc, from the audio. It detects unnecessary sounds from the audio, like wind, and echo, then removes them to improve the audio quality.


As we have discussed, the usage of social media platforms is increasing, and people continuously using them for entertainment and informative purposes. People usually interact with short-form video because it saves time and delivers various information. Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube shorts play crucial roles in passing leisure time people and showing their creativity to the audience.

People will ignore poor-resolution shorts. If you are facing this problem, then try KwiCut to edit your shorts professionally. It offers unique features with a user-friendly interface.

Lam Chow
Lam Chow Nov 07, 23
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