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Lam Chow
Lam Chow Originally published Nov 22, 23, updated Nov 22, 23

Are you looking to crop a video from YouTube and download it? Well, in that case, you need a solution that’s high-quality and will provide all solutions in one place. Trimming and cropping videos can be important in a plethora of used cases. For example, if you’re a YouTube creator, then you might want to upload a short version of long-form content.

In any case, in this blog, we’re covering how to YouTube crop video and download. So, stick to the end because we have a bonus tool for you.

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  1. The Power of VideoCrops: Cropping and Downloading Made Easy
  2. Enhancing Accessibility with Auto Video Clipping
  3. Step Guidance for Video Trimming and Downloading
  4. FAQs about Video Trimming and Downloading

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Part 1. The Power of VideoCrops: Cropping and Downloading Made Easy

Video trimming and cropping is one of the most tedious processes, especially if you’re a content creator. Moreover, whether you want to re-upload a short interval of already existing long-form YouTube content as YouTube Shorts or re-upload them on your TikTok, a solid tool with many features is required. That’s where VideoCrops comes in.


VideoCrops is a YouTube video cropper and downloader that involves three core steps. These steps are:

  • Copy/Paste the link from YouTube.
  • Crop the video interval according to your requirements.
  • Export video as MP4 on your Windows or Android device.

Moreover, VideoCrops is a simple-to-use service that is one of the best YouTube trimmer and downloaders in the market right now. If you just want an easy-to-use, strong tool that supports various formats like GIF, MKV, and MP4, then VideoCrops might be the ideal tool for you.

Here are some of its features:

1. Seamlessly Trim YouTube Clips

When it comes to content creators, speed is everything. You might want to reuse some of the clips from your old content, or you want to shorten the length of currently existing long-form videos. It could be podcasts, a 10-20 minute video, or a long webinar. With a tool like VideoCrops, you can trim and crop important parts of a video for a better viewing experience. VideoCrops is also a great tool as it simplifies the download process.

2. Instant Downloads for Immediate Use

VideoCrops allows instant downloads for people like content creators and editors. This is especially true for editors who work under tight deadlines and are always working to make the best possible clips in the minimal time possible.

Moreover, it also caters to casual video editors who are looking to share snippets of their work with their friends without wasting any time downloading the whole video and then reuploading it on some content tool.

Part 2. Enhancing Accessibility with Auto Video Clipping


But what if there’s a one-stop solution to getting AI-made auto video clips? You see, cropping can take a lot of time, even with a tool like VideoCrops. But with KwiCut, you get various features that act as YouTube video trimmers and downloaders.

It provides AI-enhanced features like Auto Transcription, Noise Reduction, Voice Clone, and a lot more. Moreover, with all these features, you can save a lot of time without sacrificing the quality of your videos.

Here are some of the features it provides:

1. Auto Transcription

The auto video clipping feature makes KwiCut a great YouTube video cropper and downloader. While it cannot download videos directly from the internet, you can manipulate the already downloaded videos and get them cropped using KwiCut’s own AI tool.

2. Noise Remover

KwiCut also comes with a noise-removing tool that can remove all the background noise that hinders the performance of a video. For podcasts, you might need noise removal so they remain natural and high-quality.

3. Voice Clone

Another AI feature of KwiCut is AI voice cloning, which allows you to clone your or anyone’s voice without having to work every day to record voices. The AI clones a voice online in seconds with high quality.

From there, you can reuse the voice as much as you want in high-quality, hassle-free, and easy.


  1. Uses AI to improve work productivity
  2. Face-focused precision for accurate video clips
  3. Smart social media sharing with related titles and introductions


  1. Can’t download online YouTube videos.

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Part 3. Step Guidance for Video Trimming and Downloading

In this step-by-step guidance, you’re going to learn how to download and crop video from YouTube. So, follow these simple steps to use VideoCrop and crop your first YouTube video:

Step 1. Copy the link to the YouTube video you want to process

Copy video URL

The first step is simple. All you need is to go to YouTube, find the video that you want to process, and copy its link. As you can see in the screenshot below, you can just copy the link right from the URL bar. Moreover, this tool also works on Android, so no matter which device you use, VideoCrop will work.

Step 2. Go to the VideoCrops website

Paste the URL

Once you have the URL copied, visit VideoCrops’ official website. There, you will see a URL box that says “Paste Link.” Besides that URL box, you can find a “Play” button. Paste the URL in the paste link box and then click “Play.”

Step 3. Select the video interval

Select interval

Now you will that your video will start to play within a small dialog box on the website. Below the video player, you’ll see a handlebar that will allow you to select the interval. It works just like any other video editing tool, so you can select which interval you want to save.

Step 4. Crop Selection and enjoy cropped videos

Crop Selection

Now select “Crop Selection,” which you can find below the interval bar. The tool might take several settings to load, so wait for it. Now, the file will be available in MP4 format, so download it and enjoy cropping and downloading YouTube videos.

Part 4. FAQs about Video Trimming and Downloading

  1. How does is VideoCrops’ trimmed video available?

Since the software is free and comes with some limitations, it’s best that you download the video as soon as possible. Typically, you’ll find that their servers allow videos for up to 5 minutes. Anything more than 5 minutes might cause the link to expire.

  1. What formats are available?

Right now, VideoCrops allows only MP4 support. However, in the near future, you will be able to download other formats like MKV and GIF.

  1. Why do VideoCrops take so long to load?

The software has three main steps. In the first step, you need to copy the link and in the second step, you need to crop the video, and thirdly, due to the video being exported in MP4, it takes some time.


There are many YouTube croppers and downloaders on the market today. However, VideoCrops provides one of the most seamless downloading experiences you can find on the internet. It works right from your browser, so you won’t have to download any software.

However, if you want to download a YouTube video trimmer, then KwiCut might be the perfect solution for you. With its fast AI options and impressive video editing tools, you can stay ahead of others in the game of content creation.

Lam Chow
Lam Chow Nov 22, 23
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