9 Quick Legal Tools to Download YouTube Shorts

Lam Chow
Lam Chow Originally published Nov 08, 23, updated Nov 08, 23

The craze of watching and creating YouTube shorts is increasing day by day. People express their emotions, talents, and culture to the world using YouTube shorts. YouTube allows its users to create a maximum of 60-second videos for their viewers. It also enables trimming, editing, adding music, and adding countdowns to the YouTube shorts.

Do you love to spend your spare time watching YouTube shorts, but sometimes you want to watch them offline? The question may come to your mind how can you watch the shorts without the internet? You can download shorts to watch them whenever you want or share them with your friends. We are going to discuss some ways to download YouTube shorts and legal risks along with their mitigation.

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Part 1. Tips for Mitigating Legal Risks in Downloading YouTube Shorts

YouTube shorts downloading is not as easy as it seems. You always have to read and follow the guidelines before installing something in your systems or mobile phones. There are some possible legal risks that you can face during the YouTube video shorts downloading. You may ignore these risks, but they are necessary to follow. Some legal risks and their mitigations while downloading YouTube shorts are given below:

1. Upload Someone's Content to Your YouTube Channel

If you are downloading the YouTube shorts without the permission of the original owner, you may violate their intellectual property. If you are posting downloaded shorts, then you can face high penalties. YouTube can also put copyright claims, warn you for the next time, and delete/block your YouTube channel.

The best solution for this problem is to ask permission from the video creator if you want their YouTube shorts for awareness purposes. You can also take ideas from their shorts rather than directly post them on your channel. If you have the license for the content, you can fix the copyright claim.

2. Using the Malicious Software to Download YouTube Shorts

If you are using any software to download YouTube shorts without knowing its terms, then it may be malicious software. Some software requires personal credentials to download the shorts that help them to gain access to your information. They can hack your account, leak your information, and demand money.

You can avoid this situation by using the software that follows the rules and regulations of YouTube. Read the instructions of the YouTube shorts downloader before using it.

3. Getting the YouTube Shorts in Low-Resolution Quality

Some software or website claims to download the YouTube shorts with high-quality resolution, but instead of doing this, they download the shorts in poor quality. The visuals may not seen as much as they are seen on YouTube. They are not compatible with the various video formats. Poor quality of the YouTube shorts can reduce the interest of the viewer.

You can overcome this situation by testing the downloader. Check whether it is offering various HD formats to download the YouTube shorts or not.

4. Violating the Privacy of the Video Owner

Usually, YouTube does not allow downloading YouTube shorts without a proper license or permission. But if you share the video shorts on other social media platforms, you are violating the privacy of the video creator. You can also affect the monetization of their video. Sharing someone's data on other platforms will lead you to severe action.

Try not to use the original content of any YouTuber, create your own and share it anywhere you want. Otherwise, you can share the link to their YouTube short video. Tag them while uploading their shorts anywhere.

Part 2. 9 Ways to Download the YouTube Shorts

We have talked about how downloading YouTube shorts without permission is illegal. But you can download them if you just want to watch them offline. It will be safe when you use YouTube shorts for watching in your free time. But choose the YouTube shorts downloader wisely. It must work under the terms and conditions of the YouTube. Here are some ways to download the YouTube shorts.

1. SSYoutube downloader

SSYouTube is a free tool for YouTube video shorts downloading. It is a web-based tool that supports Android, Windows, iOS, and Linux operating systems. As YouTube shorts are perfect for entertainment and creative purposes, you can download long and short videos from this platform. Whether you are using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or any other browser SSYouTube downloader is compatible with various popular web browsers.

choose the best downloader for the shorts

You can download the YouTube shorts effortlessly because it offers a user-friendly interface to the users. It claims to provide multiple video-quality formats. It downloads the YouTube shorts under the privacy terms of YouTube so that you can watch the shorts offline easily. Its main priority is to provide secure downloading to its users.

2. TikTake

TikTake is a YouTube shorts downloader that provides an intuitive interface for free. There is no need for technical expertise to understand it. You only have to upload the link to the YouTube shorts to this platform and download the watermark-free video in a few seconds. It supports all types of operating systems and web browsers.

download the shorts without any limit

Users must have an internet connection to download the shorts. It offers the best feature for downloading YouTube shorts limitlessly. Users can download thousands of videos without limit. It takes care of the video quality that the user must receive in the HD format of the shorts. It supports HD and MPEG-4 formats for downloading the shorts.

3. X2shorts

X2shorts is also one of the simplest ways to download YouTube shorts within seconds. You can download the YouTube shorts, videos, stories, and live streaming without advertisements. You can watch the YouTube shorts offline without logging into any account. You don't need to go for a subscription to YouTube because it provides videos without watermarks. It offers faster downloading of the YouTube shorts in HD quality.

free shorts downloader for everyone

It will soon be launching new features for downloading trending YouTube shorts, downloading API for unlimited, downloading the playlist for free, and much more. While downloading the YouTube shorts,  you should be aware of the legal issues.

4. Y2mate

Y2mate is an online short video downloader from which you can download long and short videos from various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc. It supports all video formats so that you can choose according to your preference. It can speed up the process of downloading without registration.

check the security measures before downloading the shorts

It not only helps to download the videos but also audio. It is also compatible with various browsers and offers unlimited downloading. Just paste the link to the YouTube shorts in the search bar of the website and select the video format to download it.


SHORTSNOOB is used to download short videos in HD quality for free. It is a user-friendly website that downloads YouTube shorts and saves them on your device. It does not require the installation and account to download the YouTube shorts. Some downloaders do not meet the quality standards, but they offer fast downloading of the shorts.

use the shorts to watch them offline

It is free for a lifetime, so users can avail of its benefits whenever they want. This tool can easily work on a PC, laptop, iPad, and other devices. Paste the link to the shorts and, you will get your video within one step.

6. AmoyShare

If you are looking for a YouTube shorts downloader that is compatible with various operating systems, try AmoShare. It supports Windows, Mac, iPad, and mobile phones. It is safe and free to use, with no need to worry about malware or viruses. You can download or easily convert the YouTube videos in mp4 and mp3 formats. It transforms the mp3 format into 320k and mp4 to HD quality format.

download the shorts with high speed

It speeds up the downloading process three times faster. It also enables you to remove the watermarks from the images and shorts. You can remove or change the background of your videos, and helps to compress them if their size is too large. You can record the screens, videos, webcam, and audio in a few simple steps.

7. YT1s.com

YT1s.com is a fast tool introduced in 2020 with various features to download YouTube shorts. You can enjoy the shorts in HD resolution with no internet connection. Upload the URL of the YouTube shorts and convert it to your desired format. It is always free and available for all users to avail its benefits. As the risk of the virus increases while installing something, YT1s takes care of the privacy of its users.

download the shorts in various formats

It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, and Android. It also allows you to upload the YouTube shorts in DropBox and Google Drive. It also allows to download videos from YouTube and Facebook. All the highest file formats, such as MP4, MP3, FLV, SGP, MO, etc.

8. YouTube 4k Downloader

YouTube 4k Downloader is an all-in-one video downloader that enables to download of long-form and short-form videos from various platforms. It supports 1000+ websites, such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and others. It also allows you to add YouTube extensions in your browser. It is 100% free and easy to download the YouTube shorts.

A feature for downloading playlists and channels is embedded in it. It is 100% secure and follows the instructions from YouTube to save its users from malware and viruses.

share the shorts with your friends

9. Savefrom.net

YouTube shorts are the perfect way to engage the audience. If you want to watch it offline for free, try Savefrom.net. It fulfills the need of the users to download videos from various resources. You can easily download, view, and share the YouTube shorts with your friends and family. Don't try to use the shorts for commercial purposes. You will get multiple high-quality resolutions from this platform because it is a go-to platform.

follow the privacy terms and condition

Beginners and professionals both can use this platform because of its user-friendly interface. It enhances the overall viewing experience in a few steps. It prioritizes the security of the users and provides them with hassle-free downloading. You can install their Google Chrome extension to speed up the process of downloading.


It's time to sum up the whole article in a few lines. We have discussed how YouTube shorts are becoming so popular. Short videos attract the attention of their viewers because of their creativity. Creating and viewing YouTube shorts is so much fun to share your talent with the audience. We have also looked into legal risks that you can face while downloading the YouTube shorts.

If you are traveling and have no internet, we provide you with some ways to download the YouTube shorts so that you can enjoy your trip. You can try these YouTube shorts downloaders that will help you to download shorts seamlessly.

Lam Chow
Lam Chow Nov 08, 23
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