Top 10 Free Text-to-video Generators To Create Captivating Videos

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Lam Chow Originally published Sep 19, 23, updated Nov 28, 23

Have you ever wondered how people take an interest in watching videos instead of text? Because Visual content grabs the attention of the audience. It is also easy to remember the information in video format. You can combine all points related to your specific topic to make a video. It helps to strengthen the bond between content creators and viewers.

Text-to-video generators make it easier to transform words into video. These generators help to save time and money compared to traditional methods. It allows you to share videos on various social media platforms. If you want to attract the attention of people, then this article is for you. Explore the best generators that transform the text-to-video free.

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  1. Unleash Your Creativity with Free Text-to-Video Generators
  2. Top 5 Free Text-to-Video Generators Online
  3. Top 5 Free Text-to-Video Generator Software
  4. KwiCut: Enhance Your Voice with AI Technology - Bonus Tip

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Part 1. Unleash Your Creativity with Free Text-to-Video Generators

Videos are more captivating and attention-grabbing for the audience. It was a more complex and costly process than the traditional methods. You had to write scripts, record, and edit videos in old methods. Now, text-to-video generators automate this process due to AI technology. Free text-to-video makers are available in the market, which removes the need for expensive tools.   

The text-to-video makers are easily accessible and easy to understand. You only have to upload your script and select a template for the making of the video. These tools can generate videos within a few minutes and save lots of effort by automating tasks. They do not require technical skills to produce professional videos.

Visual content transforms your text into video by adding images, charts, graphs, etc. They provide an option to share the content to expand and reach the audience. In this article, we will discuss free text-to-video converters that will help optimize your content. They are free and easy to use for beginners and professionals. Let's dig in further to explore these converters, features, pros and cons.

Part 2. Top 5 Free Text-to-Video Generators Online

As we have discussed various advantages of free text-to-video generators, Now we are going to have a look at 5 top online text-to-video makers.

1. Runaway Gen-2

Gen-2 is an online tool that converts script-to-video free by using artificial intelligence. You only need to enter the script, or it can also suggest some ideas to you. Adjust the settings of the videos, such as adding effects, improving the quality of the video by using interpolation, etc. Generate your video after all the settings and share it on various platforms. You can also create creative videos with text, images, and existing videos.

It opens up an opportunity for content creators and video makers to make engaging videos with few clicks. You can avail of its features for free to generate a captivating video. Gen-2 uses various advanced algorithms and AI technology to create videos from text description to video.


Compatibility: It is online and also available for iOS as a mobile application

Key Features of Gen-2:

  1. It provides more than 30 AI tools and unique features for creating videos.
  2. Masking mode allows users to edit certain parts of the video.
  3. All work is stored on the cloud. You can access it anywhere in the world using the internet.

Pros of Gen-2:

  • You do not need to install any software.
  • It provides a user-friendly interface.

Cons of Gen-2:

  • It limits the use of features during the free trial.

2. Invideo

Create a high-quality video using Invideo. It helps to simplify the process of video creation within a few steps. It facilitates the procedure of converting text-to-video free. 5000+ ready-made templates are available for users. They can customize them according to their brand, such as social media, tutorial videos, educational videos, etc. The best thing about the software is, it is easy and free to use. It is integrated with AI to transform the written script into engaging videos.

You can create a customized video within a few minutes just by choosing the template and dimension of the video. Write a prompt according to your video. AI will generate a script for the video so you can edit it if necessary. Lastly, your text will transform into a professional video.


Compatibility: It is an online tool and its mobile application is also launching soon.

Key Features of InVideo AI:

  1. Edit any part of the generated video with text commands.
  2. Add voice-overs to your video to make it more attractive.
  3. Add AI-talking avatars to the video.
  4. Generate scripts for the YouTube videos and customize them according to your preference.

Pros of InVideo:

  • It provides live chat and video tutorials to use the software.
  • It offers an intuitive interface for beginners.
  • It provides various built-in templates that are customizable with drag-and-drop functions.

Cons of InVideo:

  • Many features and templates have limitations to use in the free plan.

3. Kapwing

If you want a free text-to-video converter, then try Kapwing. It provides various creative AI tools for creating and editing the video. You can convert various forms of text, such as blogs, articles, scripts, speeches, etc., into short videos. Add the text and generate the video in seconds. It enables the users to trim and add effects, transitions, subtitles, captions, etc., to the video. It also helps to create transcripts to make engaging video content.


Compatibility: Online

Key Features of Kapwing:

  1. It provides a user-friendly interface for users.
  2. It can also convert video into any format like jpg, mp3, GIF, etc.
  3. Its Smart cut AI tool helps to trim the silence from the video.

Pros of Kapwing:

  • Record the screen within a few seconds.
  • It offers 70+ languages to edit the video.
  • Convert the video and image into a meme in a few steps.

Cons of Kapwing:

  • It becomes glitchy sometimes due to a heavy load of traffic.

4. Make-a-video

Whether you want to convert your speech-to-video or video-to-speech, the Make-a-video tool is here to help you. It can transform your written script into a fascinating video. It allows you to create realistic, surreal, and stylized videos with text. Add motion to the single or pair of images to enhance.


Compatibility: Online

Key Features of Make-a-video:

  1. It offers a user-friendly interface for beginners and professionals.
  2. It provides a high-quality representation of input text.
  3. It can create variations of existing videos.

Pros of Make-a-video:

  • It speeds up the process of text-to-video.
  • It is integrated with meta AI that ensures the safety of this software.

Cons of Make-a-video:

  • Their customer care service is poor.

5. is an online free text-to-video maker for users. Users generate the video from the text as well as the URL of the article. Register yourself to the software, paste the URL, and choose the template. It allows you to generate the AI video within a few seconds. Users can also add AI avatar to the video to make it more stunning. It is 20 times faster than traditional video editors.


Compatibility: Online

Key Features of

  1. It supports more than 75 languages.
  2. It offers templates for various purposes such as marketing, medical, news, sales, etc.
  3. 80+ Avatars are available for making an expert-level video.

Pros of

  • It generates the video in a high-quality format.
  • It offers some unique features at a reasonable price.

Cons of

  • Some users face the problems of poor customer support service.
  • It only allows 1-minute video in the free trial.

Part 3. Top 5 Free Text-to-Video Generator Software

Here are the top 5 free text-to-video generator software:

1. Synthesia

Transform your tedious script into a captivating video through Synthesia. Generate your text and customize it according to your requirements. It also allows you to collaborate with your team in real time. It enables you to create professional videos without any equipment. It offers more than 60 built-in templates and adds AI video avatars to the video.


Compatibility: Online

Key Features of Synthesia:

  1. It offers 150+ AI avatars to add to the video.
  2. It provides the facility to clone the voice for video.
  3. You can export your video in HD, 1920 px, 1080 px, etc.

Pros of Synthesia:

  • It is scalable and affordable to use.
  • The avatar can also sync your recorded voice.

Cons of Synthesia:

  • A limited amount of videos are generated in a free plan.

2. Vyond

Vyond is an online and cloud-based software that creates videos with written words. It also allows users to generate animations with their provided images. Chatgpt is integrated into it to generate high-quality content for the video. It offers three categories of text-to-video tools: a talking-head platform, a keywords matcher, and AI-powered tools.


Compatibility: Online

Key Features of Vyond:

  1. Add tones and emotions to the voiceovers to make them more realistic.
  2. Hundreds of character templates are available and have real facial features.
  3. It offers zoom-in and out features to target the specific thing in the video.

Pros of Vyond:

  • It has massive, ready-made templates to start the video creation process.
  • It allows users to create animated videos without wasting lots of time.

Cons of Vyond:

  • It only allows the 14-day trial to use its features.

3. Pictory

Pictory is an online software that makes the video creation process easy. It offers various features like editing the video using text, summarizing the long videos, and generating transcription and captions for the video. It helps to create a video according to the best SEO ranking. It makes the video more engaging for every type of user.


Compatibility: Online

Key Features of Pictory:

  1. Transform your blogs and articles into videos within a couple of minutes.
  2. It can turn your lengthy videos into short videos.
  3. Videos are easily shareable with other friends, team members, the audience, etc.

Pros of Pictory:

  • It can create a video in a few seconds to save time and effort.
  • It provides a user-friendly interface by using artificial intelligence.
  • It allows to remove the filler words from the script.

Cons of Pictory:

  • Its rendering speed is slow.

4.  Design.AI

Design.AI is a tool for all content creators whether they want to make promotional videos, create awareness messages through videos, summarize long videos, etc. It uses advanced AI technology to save time and provide accuracy to users. You have to enter your text, it will analyze your script and generate the video in multiple dimensions.


Compatibility: Online

Key Features of Design.AI:

  1. You can add effects, transitions, animations, and shapes to the video.
  2. Do not need to install any software.
  3. Create videos in more than 20 languages.

Pros of Design.AI:

  • Share your videos with just one click.
  • Export the video in various formats.

Cons of Design.AI:

  • It does not have a mobile application.
  • You cannot download videos in the free plan.


Wave.Video is a free text-to-video converter that generates engaging videos. It offers a massive variety of features, such as audio and video editing, video hosting, and converters. Paste the link of the blog post or generate the text through AI. Add layouts, filters, captions, watermarks, and templates to the video.


Compatibility: It is an online tool and compatible with Windows and Mac.

Key Features of Wave.Video:

  1. It is simple to use and accessible to everyone.
  2. It offers 1000+ templates to make videos.
  3. No installation is required for the software to use its features.

Pros of Wave.Video:

  • All the templates can easily be customized by users.
  • Use all the features with the drag-and-drop function.

Cons of Wave.Video:

  • It is tough to add multiple video clips.

Bonus Tip: KwiCut — Enhance Your Voice with AI Technology

People are indeed attracted to visual things instead of written text. Written scripts are boring because they don't contain images, colors, or layouts. If you want to transform your written text into a video, then try KwiCut. It allows you to convert the images, text, and existing videos into attractive videos. Its main priority is to provide a 95% accuracy rate while using the KwiCut.


Compatibility: It is an online tool and is also available for Windows. But their Mac version is also releasing soon.

Key Features of KwiCut:

  1. Generate voice clones for your video that will voiceover your text with emotions and expressions.
  2. It supports various video formats such as MP4, MOV, WAV, AVI, etc.
  3. It enables you to add subtitles and auto-captions to the videos.
  4. Spoken words are edited from any point without the need to depend on timestamps.

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Content creators are gaining more popularity in this era of technology. Text-to-video converters help to unleash the creativity inside you. We have explored the top free text-to-video makers that offer intuitive interfaces and engaging features. KwiCut provides an immersive experience to create video through text, images, and existing videos for free. It contains advanced features powered by artificial intelligence. Try KwiCut to boost your content to the next level.



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Lam Chow Nov 28, 23
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