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Top TikTok Video Editor App to Create Engaging Content

Lam Chow
Lam Chow Originally published Dec 28, 23, updated Dec 28, 23

As the name suggests, TikTok refers to short-format videos that have changed how social media works. This popular platform connects you with the community and entertains you with the latest trends. Anyone can be part of the trend because TikTok offers effective tools to edit videos before uploading. Such editing tools are accessible to all, whether you use the TikTok application or browser.

Considering the versatility of this application, this article will shed light on TikTok editor apps. Here, you will learn about software solutions to edit TikTok videos to set your trend.  

In this article
  1. What Characteristics Are Important in a Good TikTok Editor App?
  2. Online & Software Solution for TikTok Video Editing:  KwiCut
  3. Discussing the Top 5 TikTok Editor Apps in 2024

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Part 1: What Characteristics Are Important in a Good TikTok Editor App?

Undoubtedly, TikTok is a top-tier editing platform with abundant customization abilities. Meanwhile, many apps are developed to boost the quality of your TikTok videos. Before moving to that selection, learn the characteristics of the best TikTok video editing app in this part.

  1. Editing Tools: In every editing app, basic tools like cutting, merging, and trimming are essential. You should look for advanced features for a good video editor app.
  2. Music Integration: TikTok is recognized for the availability of a trending music library. A good editing app lets you extract sound from MP4 video and access a vast music library.
  3. Filters and Effects: Apart from basic editing features, rich creative assets make a tool stand out. Thus, you should consider a TikTok video editor app with unique filters and effects.
  4. Export Options: A good editing platform lets you export media according to your preferences. Thus, go for an editor that conveniently shares the edited videos directly on TikTok.

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Part 2: Online & Software Solution for TikTok Video Editing:  KwiCut

It is time to decide which tool is better for providing advanced editing operations. KwiCut would be the best option for people looking to work on bigger platforms instead of smartphone apps. This software is specifically developed to edit and enhance videos to boost content engagement. 

1. Auto TikTok Video Clipping

If you have created a lengthy video that TikTok is not accepting, turn them short. With this feature, you just have to upload your clip, and AI will automatically analyze the best shots. It will create an engaging video in output containing the actual meaning of the video intact.

auto video clipping in kwicut

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2. Video Rating for TikTok

Compared with other TikTok video editing apps, it can keep track of your video performance. Video rating is something you get after video clipping. The score tells you how engaging your video is; a high score means more content views.

video rating in kwicut

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3. AI Copilot

Titles and descriptions are the first things the audience looks at before watching videos. They must be well-written, which you can get through the AI copilot of KwiCut. It generates tailored descriptions with enriched keywords to boost the TikTok video ranking and visibility.

ai copilot in kwicut

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4. Transcribe Video to Text

This feature can assist you in turning speech into readable and editable text. The advanced voice-recognition technology provides you with error-free transcriptions from TikTok videos. You can extract text from audio and video formats like MP3, MP4, and WAV.

transcription in kwicut

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Part 3: Discussing the Top 5 TikTok Editor Apps in 2024

Similar to TikTok, there are other versatile video editing applications for advanced editing. Content creators introduce new trends using such advanced editing applications. So, let’s explore some of the best TikTok video editors in the market and their key functionalities:

[Quick Guide] Top TikTok Editor Apps:
1. Filmora
2. InShot
3. VivaVideo
4. CapCut
5. VN-Video Editor and Maker

1. Filmora (iOS & Android)

You can find this video maker or editor to be the best TikTok video editor for high-quality videos. This platform offers predesigned templates to reduce your efforts in editing. Plus, it lets you use powerful yet simple editing tools such as trimming, merging, or rotating videos. Filmora provides export options in any resolution, aspect ratio, and frame rate.

filmora tiktok video editor app

Key Features

  1. AI Music: There are built-in sound effects and royalty-free music assets catering to all needs. Users can also record their voice and split audio to remove unnecessary parts.
  2. Dynamic Speed Control: Making slow-motion or fast-forward video is quicker with Filmora. You can apply a speech ramping template to get smooth slow-mo videos effortlessly.
  3. Auto-Caption: With AI support, Filmora detects the speech in video and generates subtitles. It increases video accessibility to a wider audience by supporting over 50 languages for subtitles.


  • You can easily generate an image of your choice using its AI image functionality.
  • There are over 8000 music and sound effects available in Filmora for easy access.


  • At times, the app does not renew the subscription of users.

2. InShot (iOS & Android)

If you wish to explore infinite creativity, this best TikTok video editor is good to go. This tool offers an easy-to-use interface that aims to empower the creativity of non-tech-savvy persons. It offers basic to advanced editing tools. Among such include smooth speed ramping, keyframe editing, and multi-layered videos.

inshot tiktok video editor app

Key Features

  1. Smart Video Collage: AI in InShot can make a video collage with blend effects. It stitches different pictures and videos together with automatic caption recognitions.
  2. AI Effects: There is a rich resource library in InShot that also includes AI effects. From AI effects, you can use stroke, auto-blur, and clone effects.
  3. Export or Share Options: You can call it a good tool as it allows you to set video output before exporting the file. Despite that, users can share their edited videos on any social media platform.


  • InShot provides some exclusive stickers along with different emojis to make premium content.
  • You can also find a color picker for making quick color adjustments.


  • The application keeps crashing on various instances, making it difficult to edit.

3. VivaVideo (iOS & Android)

Record and show your life through this TikTok editor app, regardless of whether you are an amateur or a professional. VivaVideo can create high-resolution videos with its high-end editing functions. You can turn your image into a ten-second video with music to upload on TikTok. Also, this application can apply dynamic effects, cinematic filters, and mosaic effects to your clips.

vivavideo tiktok video editor app

Key Features

  1. Voice Changer: A voice-changing facility is a unique feature that a video editor can offer. You can change your voice to add fun to your videos and boost your content reach.
  2. Add Music: VivaVideo can import music through recordings, iTunes, and videos. Besides, you can adjust the audio speed and explore music rhythms.
  3. Toolbox: To craft your funny or cute persona in videos, apply cartoons to your selfies with this tool. Plus, you can remove background from your media for professional content.


  • Offers a comprehensive speed changing experience for users.
  • You can easily translate all subtitles with a single tap.


  • Sometimes, the original video gets deleted from the platform.

4. CapCut (iOS & Android)

This application is integrated with TikTok and is widely used for advanced AI video editing. It is considered an expert in fancy video-making and famous for predesigned templates. Such templates contain well-designed graphics, music, transitions, and filters where you just have to insert your clips. With fast processing speed, it allows you to share the video directly on TikTok.

capcut tiktok video editor app

Key Features

  1. Advanced Editor: You can add a smooth speed curve with a speed ramping option in this tool. Also, with an advanced chroma key, users can remove any color from the clips.
  2. Intelligent Features: AI integration in this tool allows you to remove video background. Plus, you can enable the auto-caption feature to get video subtitles.
  3. Music or Sound Effects: CapCut gives you access to your saved music on TikTok. Furthermore, you can extract audio from videos or import music from your device.


  • It provides the option of exporting video in 4K 60fps resolution quality.
  • Data can be easily backed up across the available cloud storage.


  • Users have reported difficulty in operating the “Filters” section of CapCut.

5. VN-Video Editor and Maker (Android & iOS)

Watermark gets added to our video when you edit or download it through TikTok. To solve this issue, VN provides TikTok-like editing features without watermark insertion. You can freely create professional videos with this multi-track video editor. This application can save your work in draft, and you can undo or redo your projects.

vn editor tiktok video editor app

Key Features

  1. Text Templates: Amateur looks for predesigned templates for professionally edited videos. VN provides unique text templates with various font styles, colors, and spacing.
  2. Flexible Materials: There is a material library from where you can choose stickers, animations, and filters as desired. After selecting, you can customize them according to the video concept.
  3. Advanced Editor: To make the character stand out, you can change the background of the video. Also, you can enable the auto-caption to transform audio into subtitles.


  • It allows you to import LUT files into the platform for indulging creativity.
  • Secure the templates and assets in the platform with expiration dates and passwords.


  • Rendering of project takes longer time than expected.


In the end, TikTok is a diverse video editing and sharing platform. People looking for advanced editing can go for other TikTok video editor apps enlisted in this article. If they are not comfortable working on smartphone apps, they can use KwiCut. It is an outstanding platform to make your content high-quality and tailored for high social media reach.

Lam Chow
Lam Chow Dec 28, 23
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