KwiCut User Guide

KwiCut's Detailed User Guide: Experience the Simplicity of Video Production Driven by AI.

AI Copilot

New to KwiCut and eager to chat with AI Copilot?

You're in the right spot! By the end of this tutorial, you'll master uploading content, creating social media posts, refining text, and more, all thanks to the power of AI technology.

Let's dive in!

01 Auto-Generate Social Media Posts

With just one click, AI Copilot will generate captivating descriptions, titles, etc. for your videos that are tailored to various social media platforms:

ai copilot entrance
AI Copilot
  • Upload your content and have it transcribed.
  • Click on the AI copilot icon.
generate description
Generate Social Media Posts
  • From there, select the appropriate menu to generate social media posts, descriptions, titles, and more.

02 Refine Your Descriptions

In addition to generating social media copy, Kwicut also supports copy rewriting, helping you create more eye-catching descriptions:

refine text
Refine Your Text
  • Directly send your requests in the chat box, and AI copilot will generate more versions of refined answers tailored for you.