KwiCut User Guide

KwiCut's Detailed User Guide: Experience the Simplicity of Video Production Driven by AI.

Voice Clone

Are you looking to add a touch of uniqueness to your audio or video content? With the help of KwiCut's advanced AI technology, you can easily clone your voice and transform it into various tones!

01 Choose From Voice Templates

KwiCut offers a wide range of pre-set tones for selection. Each tone corresponds to a unique sound alteration that will automatically apply based on your choice. Here's how to choose your desired tone:

  • Submit your video for automated transcription with KwiCut.
  • Choose the text segment you wish to alter in tone.
  • Click on the Overdub option that pops up.
  • KwiCut offers a variety of tones for selection, and the corresponding sound will be automatically altered by clicking Apply.
Default Tone
Default Tone

02 Customize Your Own Tone

Apart from the preset tones, KwiCut provides the flexibility to tailor your tone to match your individual preferences. Follow these steps to personalize your tone:

  • Select Create Voice in the Overdub window.
Customized Tone
Create Voice
  • In the next window, name your customized tone for future use.
  • Upload between 1 to 5 video or audio items. KwiCut's advanced voice cloning technology will analyze these inputs and generate your personalized tone.
Customized Tone
Create Voice
There is a fee of USD$7.9 for creating a single sound model with customization options.

03 Undo Overdub

You also have the option to undo any overdub:

  • You will find scripts turning green after being overdubbed.
  • Select the dubbed scripts, and undo overdub as you like.
Undo Overdub