KwiCut User Guide

KwiCut's Detailed User Guide: Experience the Simplicity of Video Production Driven by AI.

Professional Voice

Capture podcasts, voice-overs, interviews, or any spoken-word content, and let the Professional Voice feature elevate your voice with crystal-clear clarity and captivating richness.

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01 Professional Voice

The Professional Voice feature intelligently enriches the sonic quality of human speech, delivering a sound that precisely mirrors the effects of a professional studio:

  • Log in and upload your audio or video file to KwiCut.
  • Navigate to the Studio Sound-> Professional Voice option.
  • KwiCut offers four practical professional voice chioces. Confirm your selection by clicking Apply.
pro sound
Professional Voice
  • KwiCut will start fine-tuning your audio empowered by its advanced AI algorithm.
  • To reverse the effect, revisit the Studio Sound-> Professional Voice, and click on Remove effect.
pro sound
Remove effect